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1890 - 2000
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Digitours Travel Guide
The Digitours Series features a travel film , a route planer , information about the culture and lifestyle and a language guide .
Digitours offers the perfect basis for planing your holiday trip. The main film introduces the most interesting sights and facts of the destination while the travel guide gives an insight into the local cuisine, culture and lifestyle, helps with travel preparations and makes suggestions for trips and excursions. The language guide gives a comprehensive overview of the most important and useful words and phases in the national language.
Technical Details:
Picture Format: 4:3
Region Code: 2
Audio format:
Dolby Digital 2.0
ca. 115 - 170 min.
Specials: Rom-Part

All Digitours DVDs contain a DVD-Rom partition that can be accessed with a PC or MAC. Here you find even more detailed information that can be printed out completely or in part and taken along on your holiday trip.

Tell me Why....

Welcome to the World of Knowledge and Education coming in a 16 DVD Box Set!

Questions, Questions.... the award-winning series „Tell me why“ knows the answers!
This 16-part DVD series is a wonderful journey into the world of knowledge. Through spectacular pictures and animations, you and your children will come to grasp and comprehend the fascination of life in an entertaining and graphical way.
The DVD menus can be navigated very easily using the button on your remote control. User-friendly menus let you navigate smoothly to the Topics that interest you.
Under Tools you will find both background information on this DVD series as well as a DVD-ROM part with further supplementary material.
If you are looking for a specific item, the Keyword Index will instantly help you out with the matching explanation.
As a final test of the knowledge you have acquired, the Quiz poses a wide range of questions on the topics covered by this series .
01 The Universe
02 Energy Sources/Energy and Matter
03 The Solar System 1 and 2
04 Elements
05 The Earth
06 Ecosystems
07 The Cell and Genetics
08 Pflants and Animals/Insects and Reptiles
09 Birds and Mammals/Life and Evolution
10 The Body 1 and 2
11 The Body 3 and 4
12 Environment and Evolution
13 Means of Transport 1 and 2
14 Life in Space/Electronics and Imaging
15 The Society
16 The Empires: Egyptian, Incan and Mayan
Technical Details
  • Interactive Menu
  • Languages: D, GB, F, ES
  • Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Region Code: 0
  • Picture Format: 4:3
  • Overview:
    16 DVDs  - 86 topics  - 4 language versions  Pictures, explanations, animations, quiz, a keyword index
    Bonus: DVD-Rom with many extras e.g. screensaver, 3D models, biographies...
    Order No. 87000